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  simple church training - phase one


  1. Watch the Simple Church Webinar Video then continue with Phase ONE.

  2. Download a free PDF copy of the training manual or order a hard copy of the training manual that goes with this training seminar. Each CORE4 person will need a training manual.

  3. Do not get confused. Phase ONE Training was previously called Growth Groups. The first page of the training manual will give your specific Simple Church instructions.

  4. It may take a few weeks to complete these 7 sessions, but do it together as a CORE4 team.


You can also download high quality Phase ONE Training video files. These files make large screen video projection possible for large group training sessions. If you have any difficulty watching these downloaded high quality video files, download and install the media player called VLC. Then you will be able to watch these video files.

These high quality video files are zipped files which means you have to unzip them before you can watch them. To unzip double click on the file you have downloaded and follow the instructions. Most computers will auto unzip but if you need a free unzipping program, click here.

  empowering the priesthood of all believers :: to do all the work of disciple making