Many Thanks

Simple, Practical, & Reproducible Holistic Small Groups that work in Adventism

Many Thanks

Over the past 20 years there are a number of people who have played a significant role in helping this ministry grow.† To them I am indebted.

Larry Witzel, a friend and Walla Walla College classmate, first introduced me to small groups.† Elder John Cress, WWC chaplain, helped shape the campus small group movement that is still going strong today.† Dr. Kurt Johnson provided the motivation to author a group study guide for college and high school students called The Beginnings of Reaching Out in Love.

It was Dr. Don Jacobson, president of the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, who extended an invitation to pastor in Oregon.

The late Elder Clif Walter served as my mentor for a number of years.† His godly counsel, insights, and encouragement have shaped many lives.† He is greatly missed.

Dr. Alf Birch, and Elder Tom Lemon, have provided unending support, encouragement and guidance as they have prayerfully watched this ministry develop.† Elder Roger Walter has been a sounding board, a mentor, an accountability and prayer partner.

But it has been the Growth Group co-leaders in the Newport/Waldport Church district who have worked faithfully day-in and day-out to help define, rewrite, and polish the core of this Growth Group training.† We had one goal when our leadership team started: by the grace of God to develop a small group model that would be simple, practical and faithful to the message and mission God has asked Seventh-day Adventists to share with the world.† Thank you Mary Clark, Theresa Springsteen, Denise Cashen, Cheryl Lettenmaier, Leonard Slyter, John & Jane Folk, Jeff & Melinda Newell, Barbara Trevillian, and Brenda Adams.

Texas Conference invited us to consider a 25/75 assignment, with 25% of our time dedicated to helping church start Growth Groups.† We accept this invitation.† It was during our 14 months in Texas that the North America Division sponsored a Growth Groups Training which was tapes at the Adventist Media Center in California.† This DVD was given free of charge to all the Adventist Churches in North America via The Pastorís DVD and can be download from the Online Video Training link

Beginning 2008 we accepted an invitation to help develop a new lay training school based in Orlando Florida called LIFE.† My focus is on how to connect with secular western culture for the purpose of eventually sharing the Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In additional to working with LIFE, I am volunteering with conferences to develop Simple Church, lay-led house church planting.