Simple, Practical, & Reproducible Holistic Small Groups that work in Adventism


Planning for a Seminar

Frequently Asked Questions, PDF

   This document addresses many of the questions you might have about seminar details—including seminar costs.


Starting Groups in Your Church, PDF

   How you get groups started is important for longevity.


Nobody Stands Alone Sermon Series, Part One Part Two Part Three,  (20 MB Each)

   This sermon series teaches the value of God-honoring Biblical community, and invites people to sign up for the training seminar.


Advertising tri-fold Brochure, Publisher 2002 (3.5 MB

   This is a Microsoft Publisher document.


To Design your own Advertising,

   Growth Group Logo, GIF

   My picture, JPEG

Seminar Material

Growth Group Training Manual, PDF (7 MB)

   Updated March 31, 2008


Serendipity Bible for Groups, 4th edition, Sample (1 MB)

   To order Bibles call Serendipity publishing house at 1-800-525-9563.  Ask for quantity discounts and during the month of Easter there is a special sale.


How to Ask Really Good Group Questions, PDF

   This two page article shows you how to get to the heart of a question before you get to the answer.  It will be eight minutes well spent.


11 Ways to Destroy a Group, PDF


To Give a Reason sermon series, 170 MB Zipped File 

   This sermon series is referenced in the training manual. It examines five of the top questions secular people ask Christians and it investigates five of the top questions Christians ask Seventh-day Adventist Christians. It is a 170MB zipped file that also includes PowerPoint files created in Corel Presentations. To request via mail, email me your address.


“Lessons From the Biggest Church in the World”, PDF

   When the pastor of the world’s largest church was asked what was “the secret of his phenomenal church growth,” Youngi Cho walked to his shelf, pulled out two books. They were Christian Service and Gospel Workers. To be a member of his church you have to be an active member of a group.


Blessing List Prayer, PDF   To use with the group’s Blessing List