How Are They Different?
Growth Groups are evangelistic small groups that work and are faithful to the message and mission of the Everlasting Gospel.

Growth Groups are for traditional churches.

Research has now documented that a small groups ministry is the single most import factor for vibrant and healthy growing churches. They are the key to your churches future.

Growth Groups teach and mentor traditional churches who desire to reach their community using relational evangelism.

Growth Groups teach lay-people how to conduct mid-week relational Bible studies that are friendly and safe to which church members can invite their friends and neighbors.

Download a chart that compares strengths and weekness of small group models.

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Simple Church is lay-led church planting.

Simple Church is a very old, new idea. It is lay-led, house church planting.

Simple Church is being a front-line missionary whose focus is on reaching the unchurched secular people with the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus.

Simple Church is similar to Adventist Frontier Missions. But Simple Church is different. It focuses on western cultures that were once Christian countries but have again turned secular. North America and Europe are a few examples.

Simple Church can train you, no matter where you live.

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